The Lodge

The lodge is beautifully integrate with the landscape. Quiet and surrounded by wilderness.


Breathtaking surroundings

Five rooms with a view

Open & Inside fire place

Stunning terrace with 360° panoramic views

In and out dinning facilities

Architecture that inspire


Being a guest at Terra Pampa Lodge means experiencing the very best Argentina has to offer. From our own wine to the most fine dining food you will ever try.

The Bar

This is the meeting where fellow guests and Ranch staff gather to swap stories about the day’s adventures. The bar is stocked with only premium liquors, the best craft beer and sublime argentine wine.

The Ranch

Built in the beginnings of the last century, the ranch is maintained almost intact and it shows the remains of Argentina’s history. The ranch with its humble architectural style derived from the country’s pioneering past and mud and straw finishes, echoes the beauty and simplicity of the great outdoors.